How It Works


- Before your session, we’ll chat via email or on the phone. We’ll discuss and plan what you’d like to work on. You are welcome to send me MP3s / links to music. Maybe you’ve already made a demo of the song you’d like to work on. I will listen to your demo before we meet, and I’ll get some ideas together in advance. Or perhaps you’d like me to hear other people’s music that you’re currently inspired by. Listening to music that you’re into can help give direction to our session. Don’t worry if you don’t have anything to send me before we meet, that’s fine too. I’m happy to work on a song at any stage of its development. If you like, we can write one together from scratch. 


- I can travel to you, or you are welcome to work at my house in Brighton (where I live with my young family). I don’t charge travel expenses within Brighton & Hove. If you live further afield, then there will be an additional fee for travel (to be discussed depending on journey distance). Skype / FaceTime sessions are another option. 


- For songwriting sessions, I like to keep things very simple from a ‘gear/tech’ point of view. I use an iPad for recording, an acoustic guitar, and a pen and paper for lyrics. I think this ‘old school’ approach is quite liberating. Let’s not stare at a computer screen for hours; let’s get the song right first. You are, of course, welcome to simultaneously record our session on your device.



- After our session, I’ll give the recordings a mix and then email them over to you. 


- Maybe we’ll ‘crack’ your song in just one session, or perhaps you’ll want to book a follow-up session to continue work.


- Once you’re happy with your song, you’re free to do whatever you like with it. Maybe you’ll produce your own demo at home, or perhaps you’ll take the song to a studio with a producer. If you’d like me to produce the song, then we can discuss that too. There would be an additional fee for song production (to be discussed depending on your requirements and budget). 

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